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A good idea.

2009-11-05 18:03:27 by eclipso7

I have a good idea for a flash animation storyline. I need an open minded, aspiring artist to make up for the skill I lack. I would like to become known as a storywriter, not a flash producer or developer. Just give me credit for the story and I'll give you the story. pm me. NOTE: I may not be able to respond immediatley so please be patient. VERY BUSY WITH SCHOOL!

Need an Artist Advice!

2009-08-16 19:06:33 by eclipso7

Okay. My songs don't get any traffic outside of the first 15 minutes they exist here. So how Can I get up my traffic?

You don't have to read this here because it's pointless:

Okay, so one day I looked at PX9's profile and she was from the Netherlands. It's kinda wierd, because I am not sure she's from there. If there is a Translator for things she puts here, I still wouldn't beleive it because it would use very wordy grammar....? :)

Mac or PC i don't care, but plz let it b free!

My Questions about FL Studio 8

2009-04-14 07:52:38 by eclipso7

Okay, I heard that most music contributers on this sitethat have any worth at all use FL Studio 8. And I don't, so I have some questions about it.

1. Is the interface easy to operate?
2. Is it user-friendly?
3. Is there anywhere were I can get it free?

Answers greatly appreciated. Thanx A-billions!


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